ShortKode Frequently Asked Questions

What is ShortKode?

ShortKode is Nigeria's foremost school jobs website. We help school owners & job seeking teachers fill their vacancies and get access to verified school jobs.

How Do I Post A School Job?

For the first 3-6 months, posting a job is free!. As a school employer, you can register as a school on, click on "Add Vacancy" and input the details required to get the perfect teacher for your school.

Is Posting A School Job Free?

Yes, posting a school job is free for up to 6 months from verified registration on the platform.

How do I apply for a teaching job?

1. Go to, and click on "register as a teacher".
2. Once you have created your account, tap on "Edit Profile" to give more details about where you live, the salary range you are interested in, your contact details and years of experience.
3. Then tap on the three lines on the top right of your screen to find "Dashboard", then click on "Dashboard". Tap on "My CV" to upload your CV.
4. After your CV has been uploaded, tap on the three lines at the top right of your screen and then tap on "Subjects". Then choose the subjects you have real knowledge on and can teach and then tap on "Save" to save them into the system.
5. Tap on the three lines at the top right of your screen again and go to your "Dashboard". Once the page loads, you will see a button named "Take Test". Tap on "Take Test", then you will see the subjects you chose earlier, tap on each of the subjects to take a brief test on each of them.
6. After taking the test, please go to "job board" by tapping on the three lines at the top right of your screen. Then tap on "Job Board" and you will see vacancies from schools in your area.

Note: To Apply to more than 3 vacancies, you will need to subscribe at ₦500/Month or ₦3,000/6 Months or ₦7,000/Year. This gives you access to all the jobs on the ShortKode website, access to consultation on how to get teaching jobs, school work advice and access to ShortKode's internationally recognised teacher suite of training content to help you perform the best at your new job.

Do I need a Laptop/PC before i can visit

No. You can also access on your mobile phone.

What happens when I apply online for jobs posted on

Your resume will be sent to the school who will handle the hiring process. ShortKode will be in touch with schools to make sure that the review process goes on smoothly. You are expected to receive a response within 5 to 14 days from when you made your application. Do bear in mind that schools have multiple interview stages and you will be contacted by either ShortKode or the employer to continue the interview process if you are successful for that vacancy.

Do I need a CV to apply to a job posting?

Yes. Your CV is what explains your focus, qualifications, strengths with children and on varying subject topics, as well as your commitment to starting or changing a career, which will help the school employer make recruiting decisions.

If I get a job through, will collect part of my salary?

NO. ShortKode will not get a cut out of your salary and we will not demand for such.

How can I get in touch with ShortKode?

Please email us at or you can WhatsApp/Call us at +2348113203319. Our work hours are Mon - Fri (8am - 5pm), Sat (10am - 2pm).